Hokkaido Sake Tasting Event S$35 Only‼ -Featuring 9 types of Sake from Hokkaido-

Hokkaido Sake Tasting Event!
Taste 9 types of Japanese Sake and Shochu carefully selected from Hokkaido with following dinner!

<銘柄一覧 Type of Sake>
小林酒造 Kobayashi Shuzou
 北の錦純米大吟醸 Junmai Daiginjo
 秘蔵純米 Hizou Junmai
 まる田特別純米 Maruta Special Junmai
 北のろまん Kita no Roman
國稀酒造 Kunimare Shuzou
 国稀 Kunimare
 酒粕焼酎初代泰蔵 Sake Lees Shochu Shodai Taizo
 北海道限定純米吟醸国稀「MARE」 Hokkaido Limited Junmai Daiginjo Kunimare "MARE"
田中酒造 Tanaka Shuzou
 よーぐるとのお酒 雪あそび  Yukino Asobi (Yogurt Sake)
金滴酒造 Kinteki Shuzou
 金滴 純米大吟醸 Kinteki Junmai Daiginjo

<Dinner / 前菜 appetizer>
刺身盛合せ assorted sashimi
北海道温ポテトサラダ Hokkaido warm potato salad
揚げ物 Fried Item
イカ姿焼 炉端焼 Grilled Squid "Robatayaki"
海老 炉端焼 Grilled Shrimp "Robatayaki"
きんき煮付け Stewed Rockfish
北海道和牛ステーキ Hokkaido Wagyu steak

- Japanese Sake "Kinteki" served in First Class of Japan Airlines.
- Sake "MARE" currently available only in Hokkaido will be making its debut appearance in Singapore.
- Brewed sake made from natural fermentation featuring the taste of yogurt.

Canapés featuring Hokkaido products will be served during the event.

 ◆Date: 15th December 2016, Thursday
 ◆Time: 20:00-22:00
 ◆Venue: Hokkaido Izakaya @ Tanjong Pagar Outlet
95 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088516 
 ◆Sponsor: Hokkaido Twenty-first Century Research Institute Co.,Ltd    
 ◆Participation Fee: SGD35

*You will be asked to fill in feedback form at the event.





 ◆場所:「北海道酒場 Hokkaido Izakaya」
     95 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088516 

Terms & Conditions

-This event opens more than 20 years old only. The event organizer has right to check the ID with poto proof of attendees.

-This event is organized by NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.

-Copyright of photos and video shooting taken by NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. and its PR partner Spoonful (Alchemist Pte Ltd) during the event will belong to NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. and Spoonful. NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. and Spoonful has the right to use the photos and video shooting

-The event organizer "NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. and its partner Spoonful(Alchemist Pte Ltd)" are not responsible for any personal food allergy and over-drink. Each attendee must take his/her own responsibility for any allergy and quantity to enjoy the drinks.

-Spoonful will notify 3 days prior the event day to all the attendees if the event has to be cancelled.

-There will be no refund unless the event itself is cancelled.

-NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. and Spoonful will send future events or promo info to attendees e-mail address after the event.

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